MSR Whisperlite

The best-selling liquid-fuel stove ever made.

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MSR Whisperlite

Video On The Features Of An MSR Whisperlite Stove:

Mountain Science Research is well known for its camping gear and especially its innovative stove know-how.  Its parent company Cascade Designs, Inc. was established 35 years ago with the primary goal of making nights in the outdoors more comfortable.  As Cascade Designs became successful and grew larger it brought in several respected brands including MSR to its family of outdoor equipment suppliers.  As they grew their philosophy of excellence first remained the same and it is expressed in their policy of making most of their products in their own U.S. and European factories.  They aim to always exceed customer expectations with great service and quality of goods sold.

The MSR Whisperlite camp stove has been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts for  more than twenty years.  It is durable, easy to use and has a stainless steel plus brass construction that will last a lifetime.  Over the years many including hikers, climbers, campers, backpackers and adventurists have confidently relied on the dependable little Whisperlite stove to get them through.

The stove itself is small and compact weighing only one pound and able to fit into most pans when folded.  It comes is a package that includes:  the stove, instructions, a fuel pump, spare parts, heat reflector and windscreen.  White gas is the fuel of choice and the fuel bottle is not included in the basic package.  It is simple to operate providing a few simple procedures are followed.

Operating Steps:

Prior to starting the fuel must be preheated.  The stove has a loop in the fuel line that passes over the flame so that as the liquid fuel passes over the heated portion of the loop  it will become vaporized and enter the burner as a gas which burns hotter and more efficiently than liquid white gas.

To preheat the fuel - pressurize the fuel bottle with a few strokes of the pump on the fuel bottle and then open the fuel valve and let a small amount of liquid fuel run through the fuel line into the primer cup which is a small container just below the burner and the end of the fuel line.  Turn off the fuel valve and light the fuel in the primer cup and as it burns it will heat the liquid fuel still in the line and turn it into a gas.  As the gas begins to vaporize the stove will begin to hiss indicating it is ready to light.  Open the fuel valve and light the top of the stove.  It will develop a distinct blue ring on the top and it is ready to start cooking or boiling.  When finished turn off the fuel and let the stove flame die out.

MSR Whisperlite Maintenance

This is the good part.  Maintaining a Whisperlite stove is very simple and easy.  The most common and effective maintenance technique is to just give it a little shake to move the small needle or shaker jet in the fuel line up and down to remove carbon buildup near the tip of the fuel line.  The other essential maintenance step is to clean the fuel line by moving the fuel line cable back and forth to remove carbon.  The fuel line comes with a cable inserted at the factory.  Other than replacing a fuel line o-ring every decade or so and occasionally overall cleaning that is about all the maintenance required to insure the stove gives years of dependable service.

Here are a few safety tips to remember when using the Whisperlite Stove:

1. When the stove is lit do not put any part of you body over it.
2. Stay alert to leaks in the fuel system.
3. Do not overfill the primer cup when preheating.
4. In case of fire smother the flame rather than using water to douse the fire.
5. Make sure the stove is on a firm spot so it will support the cooking containers.